Drafting Services

Precise Engineering, Inc. provides full drafting services for the oil and gas industry.  Why use PEI for drafting? 
PEI specializes in development of:
  • Brown field verification / as-builts
  • P&ID / PFD / Plot & Site Plans
  • Drafting standards / legend
  • Piping layouts, sections, and isometrics
  • 3-D Modeling (CADWorx)
  • Pressure vessel fabrication drawings
  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • Intelligent P&ID conversion & tag database 
  • 3-Dimensional surveying
  • Hazardous area classification
Brownfield Verification / As-Built Process
  • Interact with client on project requirements
  • Collect data & drawing information, templates of existing facilities
  • Field verify, markup / redline set of drawings by walking down a system line by line
  • Redlined drawings delivered to drafting department for updating
  • Updated drawings are scrubbed for accuracy rerouting through drafting if necessary before final check
  • Issue drawings for client review / approval