Our Associates

Reynold B. Hillegeist, P.E. (Process Engineering Advisor)

Reynold has forty years experience as a process and production facilities engineer with ExxonMobil and ten years with Precise Engineering.  His process and facilities expertise includes oil and gas production separation, flow lines, gas compression, sweetening and dehydration, gas plants, NGL recovery, fractionation, sulfur recovery, and heat exchange.

Larry W. DuBose, P.E.

In his forty years with Exxon and ExxonMobil, Larry held various technical and supervisory positions, including onshore reservoir surveillance and reservoir modeling, surveillance and optimization of artificial lift / production facilities / machinery / gas processing and fractionation, third party gas processing negotiation / coordination, and project management of drilling location and facilities construction for multiple rig drilling programs. 
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Lee Norris, P.E., Ph.D.

Lee has enjoyed a 40 year career on the cutting edge of flow assurance modeling, including organizing the original SINTEF / IFE Multiphase Flow Project which led to the validation of OLGA and its use in the Oil Industry, extensive application of OLGA for ExxonMobil at Exxon Production Research, and in the Industry at SPT and Schlumberger (after it acquired SPT).  He has worked in the flow assurance area both as a researcher and as a consultant.  His primary areas of expertise include both single and multiphase simulations of both steady-state and transient flows, along with engineering thermodynamics and process engineering. He has authored numerous papers and has taught many short courses.  Lee holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and M.S. and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.
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Steven Fantazia, P.E.

Steve worked thirty-five years for ExxonMobil as a process and production engineer. He gained extensive experience in general process engineering, gas sweetening, dehydration, gas processing, sulfur recovery, utilities, field producing units, environmental technical and regulatory issues, corrosion, and water / hydrocarbon chemistry.

David R. Motes, P.E. (Facilities / Process Engineering Consultant)

David can trouble shoot or de-bottleneck any production facility to deliver more profitable production and reduce cost, successful across the globe.  In his forty years with ExxonMobil Production, David acquired extensive expertise in O&G processing, water treating, de-bottlenecking, optimizing production & operations, gas sweetening, sulfur recovery, corrosion, water / hydrocarbon chemistry, dehydration, utilities, NGL recovery, HAZOPs, and Regulatory- compliance, filings, documentation and reporting.
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R. S. (Shep) Barnum, PhD (Subsurface Advisor)

Shep worked 33 years for Exxon and ExxonMobil in every
aspect of reservoir evaluation and development. Shep completed his career with ExxonMobil Development  Company as the senior reservoir development consultant with technical responsibility for all projects ranging from exploration evaluation to project sanction.  Shep created the unconventional resources (shale gas and light tight oil) group for EMDC. Shep can help you evluate properties for sale or purchase, create development plans for new assets, optimize recovery from existing fields, and estimate reserves from wells or fields.
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Jeffrey (Jeff) Thomas (Sr. Loss Prevention Engineering Advisor)

Jeff has 40+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry, including
process engineering, oil and gas production operations and process safety
management (PSM). Jeff was instrumental in developing ExxonMobil’s Process Safety Management System called OIMS (Operations Integrity Management System) in the early 1990s. The last 25 years he worked in process safety where he was the leading technical authority for ExxonMobil’s Production Company from 2009 to 2016. Jeff has participated in and documented more than 50-Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs), numerous risk assessments, and a number of incident investigations and root cause failure analysis. He has extensive experience in operating facilities assisting operations personnel and conducting technical, operating and process safety assessments. He participated on the API-14C committee (Offshore Safety Systems) and is currently the co-chair for the Texas A&M Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, and is a member of AIChE and SPE. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

Steve Wade (Production Facilities Advisor)

Over thirty-three years prior experience working for ExxonMobil, Steve served in various technical, supervisory and management positions in the US and overseas, supporting onshore and offshore production facilities through all phases of the project life cycle.
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Glenn J. Vincent (Facilities Technical Specialist)

Glenn received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA. in 1979.  He joined Precise Engineering in 2012 after a thirty-three year career with ExxonMobil supporting field production facilities and gas plants.
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Mark T. Bentley (Process Advisor)

Over thirty-nine years of experience in domestic, onshore oil & gas production, gas plants, refineries, and gas processing capacity marketing - thirty of those years with Exxon then ExxonMobil.  Received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1972.

Steve Burger  (Senior Piping Designer)

Approximately forty years mentoring, supervising, coordinating and designing projects involving production facilities in various disciplines. Designing and modeling equipment, piping and structure using 3D scanning software on process plants, compressor stations, metering sites, pump stations, trap sites, mixing hubs, transportation sites and shipping terminals.